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If you want to dive deeper into getting your groovy back, let's see if I can help. Give my office a buzz at 651-738-0126 OR click the button below to schedule a get-acquainted call so I can hear about you and your situation and give you all the juicy details about my one-on-one mentoring packages.  Together, we can take an eye-opening journey to a fabulous you!


Feel Better Fast Tip:

If you find yourself having another "bad day," guess what? YOU have the power to change it. Think of one or two things that you can do before today ends for YOU. Could you stop by the coffee shop and grab your favorite latte? How about taking a walk by the lake? Get a manicure or start reading that book you've been meaning to get to? There are little ways to make yourself feel good ~ it's just that you have to find them and then DO them! Today, take just a few minutes to do something for Y-O-U! You Fabulous Doll!


Praise for Laura’s Mentoring:

Laura is awesome! She is so warm and positive, but also doesn’t mince words; you can really tell she cares, and has been instrumental in getting me through some dark moments. She has been immensely helpful in helping me transition from just taking a ‘break’ with my fiancé to a really ugly end of our relationship with dignity and respect for myself.

My self-esteem has skyrocketed since we started our journey, and I can honestly say working with her is the best investment I have ever made. I recommend her (by name!) to everyone. I don’t think I would be nearly as ‘okay’ with my unfortunate circumstances if it were not for her guidance. She is the best; do not hesitate to seek her help…worth every penny!

Christine M.


Thanks so much, Laura, for guiding me on this journey.  I am generally an optimist so I had no reservations about working with you to “get my Groovy back”.  But, to be perfectly honest, I was afraid to expect too much in the way of results.  I mean, it’s not like you were going to wave a magic wand to make my dream man appear.

Well, Laura, you didn’t wave a magic wand to make my dream man appear; but the tools, exercises and work we did together made ME appear.  I was able to get clear on what makes me happy, what brings me joy and what makes me feel alive.  I know that now that I’ve accepted and embraced myself, I will be able to attract a relationship worthy of my unique gifts.

In the journey that you took me through to find myself, I found the courage to go out and find my dream man.  I joined a dating website, I made contact with several men and I’ve gone on a few dates.  I am very excited about an upcoming second date and I will definitely keep you informed of how things progress.

Sometimes all you need in life is a cheerleader.  That’s what you are Laura – a cheerleader who believes in me and the beautiful person I am inside.  Thank you for leading me back to my sassy self.

Myra C.


Before working with Laura, I had concerns about whether I had done the work I needed to do for healing and “getting my groovy back” as Laura says after being married for almost 18 years and going through a devastating divorce.  Would I attract the same type of man? I was scared about what life would look like on my own since I was co-dependent, grieving and frustrated with all the firsts both my kids and I were going through.  I lacked self confidence to really live again on my own and for me and my kids.  All I had known is really knowing how to dance in an unhealthy relationship with myself and my ex-husband.

Since working with Laura, I’m so grateful!  I was able to start identifying and learning how to question my massively limiting beliefs that no longer serve me in what I’m creating in my life. I also was able to start learning how to start having a good conversation with myself  instead of the big negative self talk I continually did every day which only leads one to a dead-end street in life, yes?  I now have really fun and powerful tools to have a good relationship with myself and to start having confidence in myself again.  Laura is stinkin’ fun…super wise… awesome energy and is powerfully serving in her gift.  I’m SUPER DUPER grateful for our work together.  Thanks Laura…and yes ~if you’re reading this and you’re wondering should I invest in myself and work with Laura? YES!!! You’ll benefit beyond measure working with this woman!
Gayle C.
My husband left me after 32 years of marriage. I was going to a therapist but not finding the help I needed to pick myself up and restart my new life. On a whim, I signed up for a seminar on getting through Valentine’s Day and I met Laura. I eventually signed up for a package and now I love my “life coach”!

The skills I have learned from Laura really do work. I still have the gratitude rock she gave me at our first meeting. I hold it each evening and remember the good things that happened to me that day. The gifts she sent me have lifted up my spirits and I try to drink out of my “You Rock” coffee mug each day. Laura has made it clear to me that yes, I do “rock”and I am a better person since I found The Breakup Lounge.

Laura told me some behaviors to expect from my husband.  Much to my surprise, she was right about all of them and it has helped me handle him a more constructive way. I have many many more good days now and I have recommended Laura to other friends in similar situations. Thanks Laura for all of your help!


Jill H.


I approached Laura after finding some of her videos online and watching all of them! Our first chat was just a glimpse into an awesome journey. I felt she truly understood where I was coming from and I decided to hire her that same day!

I was at a point in my life where I had ended a relationship but still felt like I was emotionally attached to my ex—even when I hadn’t seen or talked to him in 8 months. He seemed to be intrinsically close—even when he was just in my head. After leaving a relationship with much jealousy, I was not able to effectively communicate with other males without feeling like I was cheating ~ even though I was not dating my ex anymore.

When I started talking to Laura and focusing on improving myself, slowly but surely let go on that feeling of false-guilt. One of the best things for me about Laura’s coaching was that she was an objective, compassionate voice in the midst of my ex contacting me out of the blue. I always felt like she had my back. She pushed me and encouraged me when I needed, and she held my hand and was gentle when I required it.

It takes a very sensitive person to know when to do this. I think without her insight I would have gone back into a vicious cycle. Laura was always encouraging. Even if my progress was small and seemingly insignificant she celebrated me and encouraged me to use the momentum to build upon that little step.

I appreciate her not making decisions for me, but guiding me to make conscious decisions that aligned with my personal goals. Her constant encouragement got me in the habit of saying, “Woo-hoo!” I am on a path that urges me to love and honor myself first.

Tamara C.


Before working with Laura, I was feeling stuck in my life. I had been divorced for years but hadn’t really stepped into living “my life.” I was always too busy with kids, work, etc. to think about me. After working with her, I am in a much happier place! I’ve learned the value of making myself a priority, really loving me and defining my boundaries for my future relationships.

Her insight was invaluable in helping me shift my perspective in order to change my life for the better. If you want to begin getting the most out of life, working with Laura is just the place to start!

Tonya H.

Praise for Laura’s Workshops:

Today, I learned that I am not alone.  I can be okay.  I am doing all right.  I have courage.  I will schedule more ME time.  It was more fun and fabulous than I could have imagined.  The picture and frame and card to myself ~ great tools!  Loved the specifics.  I will define what I want.  You are a super star, Laura!  Great lists ~ changed my thoughts ~ light bulb moment on my damaged goods/failure image!  I am inspired and will spread the word about you.  Thank you! — Maureen C.


I really like the affirmations I left with following the workshop.  Also, I’m looking forward to thinking about my own needs more.  Overall ~ a great experience.  Thanks, Laura — R.C.


This really got me to thinking about myself ~ just me ~ not my kids, friends, family, etc.  I am looking forward to reaching out to other single women as I know this is what I need.  Your stories and attitude were all great, believable and personal.  I am very glad I came and heard of all the stories.  I didn’t feel so lonesome.  — L.V.


I loved the self-care rituals and from now on, I’m going to smile first thing in the morning and set my intention for each day.  This is such a great concept and much-needed service. — T.H.


The Smile Card was definitely a highlight.  I also liked the reminder about being more intentional instead of reactive.  Laura was a very good workshop leader with a beautiful smile, the ability to share her personal experiences, humble and easy to talk to. — S.S.


I took away from the workshop that I am important.  I need to focus on myself more ~ not in a selfish way ~ just a healthy way.  Laura was very interesting and positive.  — Sally S.


I loved making the Valentine’s Day schedule to make sure it’s a fun and fabulous day.  I learned to try to think more positively about each day and the future.  Laura had good communication, is funny, loved her stories and is easygoing and friendly.  — J.M.


I can’t wait to begin my new self-care rituals!  Laura, you are very upbeat, positive, encouraging.  You paced the workshop well.  Nothing lasted too long.  Didn’t run out of time with any of the activities. — D.L.


The Smile Card was a great idea and easy to implement.  I will now focus more on myself and try to love myself.  Laura is great ~ willing to share and laugh!  This was an enjoyable afternoon ~ great concept and fun. — P.E.


I really liked hearing other ideas that gave me a positive idea to incorporate into my life.  I will smile when I wake up, clean my kitchen every evening, write positive notes before sleeping.  Overall, this was a positive session.  Keep up the great work!  —  R.E.


I became really aware of where I find myself at this time.  I will take better care of my inner feelings.  I really enjoyed the afternoon.  I did feel special.  You story made me feel ~ oh, my ~ I give you credit for not throwing in the towel. —  B.W.