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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Are You Still Hoping for a Reconciliation?

Sometimes, it happens.  You divorce or breakup and realize there are still feelings there for your ex.

Of course, this is natural. Some of us will always feel a certain love or affection for our former spouse or lover. This week, I answer Sharon’s question about being in that space for 18 years.

The 3 main tips I share with her are:

1. Accept that you may never have the closure you desire. Lean into that feeling and get on with your life, Sassy Pants!

2. Play a game with yourself in which you remove the possibility for a future relationship with your ex. How would you spend your days, weeks, months differently? Now go do that!

3. Realize that you deserve more. Begin to take off your “rose-colored glasses” and see him and the relationship in a different light.

Shine On!