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Feel Better Fast Tip:

If you find yourself having another "bad day," guess what? YOU have the power to change it. Think of one or two things that you can do before today ends for YOU. Could you stop by the coffee shop and grab your favorite latte? How about taking a walk by the lake? Get a manicure or start reading that book you've been meaning to get to? There are little ways to make yourself feel good ~ it's just that you have to find them and then DO them! Today, take just a few minutes to do something for Y-O-U! You Fabulous Doll!

So…you probably already know this but…


Sometimes, you’re the breaker-upper so it’s not so bad.

Sometimes, you’re the break-uppee and you never saw it coming.

Either way, BREAKUPS SUCK!

However, now is not the time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself (okay, maybe you can do that a little bit but it’s not a lifestyle, Dearie).  You MUST RISE ABOVE THIS!  Prove to yourself and to HIM that you are a beautiful, smart, witty, charming and powerful lady!

Life without him?  GOES ON!

Enter The Breakup Lounge.  A place to have some fun (yes, you can have fun without him) and learn something new about how fabulous you are and about how wonderful he isn’t.

Your broken heart will mend…I promise!

The first order of business is:  You.

YOU can realize your power!

YOU can get over him!

YOU can stop overeating ice cream!

YOU can stop blaming yourself!

YOU can still laugh!

YOU can build a kick-butt future that doesn’t include him!

So there!

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